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Sat Jul 3rd, 2021

Worked on Ideas + Early prototypes for "Waste Plastic Cleanup Challenge" graphics; Discussed various topics regarding the recycled plastic lumber manufacturing with Marcin.

Thur Jul 1st, 2021

Freecad Badge Video "Feature on a Feature" V19 Freecad Badge Video "Feature on a Feature" V16

--What were the videos that you studied to learn FreeCAD? Please include links. I did watch any videos, just referred to the freecad wiki and various forums regarding the location of certain functionalities in the UI.

--Was Lesson 3A and 3B from FreeCAD 101 sufficient? How could we improve the lessons so you can get the FreeCAD Badge faster? I believe that they were sufficient to explain the operations of sketching, pads & pockets in freecad 16.

--How long did it take you to install FreeCAD 16? Download+Unpacking files; 2-3 minutes

--How long did it take you to learn the skill to perform the Feature-on-a-Feature Exercise? 30 minutes or so, mainly familiarizing myself with the differences in UI between Freecad and the CAD softwares I am familiar with. I used Freecad V19, due to it (at least on initial inspection) having functionalities I am more familiar with off the bat. -Edit Recorded on V16 in addition