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From Norton-Schmidt architects:

Hello Samir,

Long time it's been, we'd like to continue. Only now are we nearly finished with our house prototype so we tested some build techniques and made some changes. I would like to get on a call with you regarding the next steps required for you to draw up a set of plans for the building department. We are actually considering 2 builds at the same time - one in KC, one in St. Joseph - in order to test these 2 markets for viability. We are aiming for the builds on October 10, with the foundation in place 3 weeks ahead of the builds. So we would need a set of plan check documents for both sites - identical houses at both locations.

1. We have almost complete structural CAD (I would estimate it's at LOD 300) which I can send to you in STEP format - I wanted to consult with you first regarding how much detail we need to include so we can extract that from our master file. 2. We don't have land yet - which we would like to secure by August 1. Can we proceed with the plan check documents prior to giving you the parcel information, or do we need to wait until we have the land parcels secured frist? 3. After we provide 1 and 2 - the process would be for you to write up a bid? How much does the level of CAD completion that we submit to you influence the cost of your work for us?

My main question is what changes - if any - the building departments will allow if we learn anything new in the first build, and want to carry it over to the second build - and how you could support us in that process given that each build will be quite rapid. We plan on 3-4 days until structure-electrical-plumbing rough-in - and likely we would move from the KC site to the St. Joe site once we reach rough-in inspection - until the inspector shows up in KC so we can finish the KC build.

Please let me know how to proceed. Can I give you a call some time this week or next week to restart the conversation?

Thanks, Marcin