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Fabrication Drawings

The fabrication drawing is a specific type of detail drawing. Some fabrication drawings are virtually assembly drawing e.g. when a number of items are assembled together as a fabrication. The fabrication drawing generally includes a material parts list identifying all of the materials used to build up the fabrication. All weld details are included using the standard symbolic representation of welds as shown in BS EN 22553. All of the materials should be identified in accordance with the relevant standards and codes.

The fabrication drawing should clearly describe in notes or in referenced documents the heat treatment and stress relieving requirements prior to, during and following the completion of the fabrication processes. The dimensions and relevant linear and geometric tolerances should be indicated.

A fabrication drawing sometimes only includes the fabrication details, the final machining details are then shown on a separate drawing. It is equally acceptable to show all manufacturing information on one drawing.

The items used to make up the fabrication will be identified with leader lines to balloons which include the item reference number linking to the parts list. The listed items on a fabrication drawing do not identify items which can be disassembled, as on assembly and arrangement drawings. The numbering system should reflect this difference. Methods of numbering items on fabrication drawings include using lower case alphabet letters e.g a,b,c or optionally as sub units of the fabrication item number e.g 1/1, 1/2 1/3 ... or 1/a , 1/b, 1/c...

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