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Please join us for tomorrow's webinar on open source construction machines:

11 AM CST USA Time - Friday, Feb. 17. Please join this Google Hangout:


If you miss it, this will be recorded so you can view it at a later date.

More on the webinar:

Open source construction machines are critical to OBI's work. Our development program until August of 2018 includes full development of site-working utility machines as well as a demonstration facility - the Open Source Materials Production Facility. The utility machines include the tractor, bulldozer, 360 degree mini excavator, and trencher. The Materials Production Facility machines include the production of lumber, stabilized CEBs, insulation, glazing, and concrete - all from locally-sourced and recycled materials. This allows for significantly reduced embodied energy of buildings and lower material costs. Both the utility and materials production machines allow for the successful development of open source construction enterprises. OBI's current thinking is that enterprise startup for regenerative construction is the key route to making affordable, ecological housing widely accessible. The machines involved are capable of building Living Building Challenge compliant homes. The webinar will cover how the product ecology of open source construction machines fits together, and the productive capacity that is achieved for a given investment. We will go into the design philosophy, how to build the machines, how to use and maintain them for a lifetime of service.

Thanks, Marcin + Catarina