Sat Mar 26, 2016 Notes

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Workflow for library parts

Start with rough STLs, figure out which is best - STL or step, etc.

Start with .obj from sweet home.

Generate in all platforms Inc. FreeCAD, Sketchup.

Conversion is key - to a usable formal across the board. STL may be OK, but it can also be corrupt.

Use BlocksCAD for file design, and construction set drag + drop.

Keep refining STLs for tech accuracy. Make them parametric for modification. Parametrization strategy.

Use tubing generator in OpenSCAD. Bolt gen, etc.

Talk to developers of the various CAD programs. Determine who is playable for workshops. Upgrade the True Fans for supporting a CAD and tractor construction set person. Upgrade to 3DP workshop funding on a regular basis. Recruit a highly capable person, tea h them some skills - a balance of skills learning and come to the table with skills.

Strategy for CNC torch - do a workshop. Make it work. Microchunk it. PM consists of Dev Temp, etc. Develop base infrastructure.

Get peeps on board with 3DP work.

Alec is good on 3DP. Next person to CNC torch workshops.

CNC torch - start with 3DP Scalable - move to the filament maker/grinder as a stable product.

Step 1 - embed the forum in HTML.

Step 2 - FreeCAD.

Step 3 - STL modification.