Sawdust Concrete

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  • Here is the mix he used: one part of cement, one part of diatomaceous earth, three parts of sawdust, three parts of shavings, and one part of clay . . . all volume measurements. Since sawdust-concrete has a higher absorption rate than straight concrete, Friberg added one part of clay to the mix. - from [1]. Note: cost is half of concrete. Stabilized CEBs are about 3x cheaper, so this does not compete with stabilized CEB on material costs. For unstabilized CEBs, cost is about 1/30 of concrete - so CEB is a clear winner.
  • The question remains - what is the formula for the lowest cost insulating block that can be made of binder + biomass. Right now the best option appears to be underground housing if high insulation is needed - essentially for free.