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Wood construction is one of the earliest methods of building shelter. We as we continue our CEB building lumber has been purchased to construct the trusses and will be needed to ruff-in door and window jambs. Current lumber production is highly concentrated industry save the specialty wood shops producing for novelty wood workers. Unsound harvesting practices and high transportation costs make commercial lumber environmentally costly. Timber can be locally harvested and with a simply designed,low cost sawmill we can produce fine quality lumber sustainably and economical. The simplest apuratus in terms of design maintainence and use consists of a chainsaw mounted on a track. The most comparable table with track costs $2700 USD without the saw, $3700 with saw ( a wimpy 6.3 hp gasoline motor. We are proposing a 25hp table/track/chainsaw mill capable of sawing lumber 30' wide and up to 12" long using 25hp hydrolic motor powered by lifetrac and designed, funded, and all developments posted via the open source collaborative that is OSE.