Sawmill Design Developments

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  • 2008: As a first attempt at a robust and replicable sawmill, we are proposing a chainsaw mill, like a Logosol, with a 25 hp hydraulic motor.
    • The simplest apuratus in terms of design maintainence and use consists of a chainsaw mounted on a track. The most comparable table with track costs $2700 USD without the saw, $3700 with saw ( a wimpy 6.3 hp gasoline motor. We are proposing a 25hp table/track/chainsaw mill capable of sawing lumber 30' wide and up to 12" long using 25hp hydraulic motor powered by LifeTrac and designed, funded, and all developments posted via the open source collaborative that is OSE.

    • Lends itself highly to the type of modular structures proposed by the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems - look for GreenForms at .
    • Lends itself highly for flex fab production, especially kits. Fabrication is absolutely simple - after metal is cut - only a drill press is required. Zero welds in structure, with minor welding for motor attachments. DfD, lifetime design. Driven by a hydraulic motor powered from tractor hydraulics.
  • Nov. 2008: Robert Todd is entering as project manager.
  • Dec. 2008: Jeremy Mason is entering the project onsite, until Robert returns to Factor e Farm. At that point, Jeremy and Robert will work together.
  • Jan. 2, 09:

We decided that the MDS design looks pretty straightforward and that it should be used as the base for the OS sawmill.

    • Need to learn the calculations for materials.
    • Need to contact Ben and ask questions about the MDS and sawmill.
    • Where can blades be bought from?
  • Jan. 4, 09:
    • We have narrowed down the design to something similar to the MDS. The current prototype is a dimensional sawmill. In a dimensional sawmill the log is stationary while the blades and motors move. They have 3 circular saw blades: one main vertical blade, and 2 smaller horizontal blades. They cut a whole piece of lumber, like a 2 inch by 4 inch board, in each pass.
    • A space frame (for stability) on two 'I' beams for x and y axis movements, a chassis surrounding the space frame with bearings to grip it on all sides, a vertical plate or beams on the chassis with another plate attached with bearings and adjusted vertically with a pulley for the z axis, the MDS like saws are mounted on the vertically moving plate and powered with hydraulic motors and pulleys to get the correct RPMs.
    • Could the saw assembly use a swing blade system for reduced cost? It would have to be stable though.
  • Jan 13: Made 2d design and worked on bill of materials.
  • 13 Feb 2009:


Design sawmill to be portable. Depending on availability of metal, redesign frame. Redesign bearings to be cam followers. Design track on frame. Redesign cage. Redesign posts. Design more powerful motors. Get multimachine clamp. Design wipers in front of wheels.