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Free Dimensional Lumber!

Introduction: We are recruiting a sawyer for Factor e Farm to test and evaluate the OSE Open Source Dimensional Sawmill prototype I. We will use LifeTrac, cut our own lumber, possibly source stumpage from other sources, and make dimensional lumber.

Requirements - Sawmilling experience at the least. Eexperience in forestry, chainsaw use, tractor use, saw-milling, and other skills related to sawmill operation. Mechanic ability - basic familiarity with hydraulics, torching, and welding to make equipment modifications.

Duties: Sawmilling. Daily logging and vlogging using a smart phone (provided) upload. Documenting the sawmill for full CAD documentation outsourced to remote collaborators. Equipment shakedown, modification, or repair as needed.

Time required: 2 weeks on-site at Factor e Farm.

Reward: taking home 1/2 of the lumber sawn with the mill, or comparable reward as negotiated. Complete