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The main point of development is a conceptual design of the interface which addresses the various development points of the Scalable, Open Source Hardware Development Method, hereafter "Method."

At this point, it does not matter what software platform will be used. The important point is that the conceptual design has to be written prior to implementation. This would be a ~10 page description.

We may start on it now, and whether you end up implementing it or not, I think the design is important.

Here are our requirements, each of which can be distributed worldwide in implementation, while the fabrication aspect is best done locally for heavy parts where shipping and integration would otherwise be difficult.

  • Handling 40 projects. Projects are primarily electromechanical hardware, RepLab tools, tools for agriculture, tools for consruction, and tools for energy/fuel production.
  • Each project involves design rationale, concept drawings, concept design, CAD in 2D, 3D models, calculations, Bill of Materials and Sourcing information. Exploded part diagrams and fabrication drawings are also desirable.
  • Global collaboration on funding, marketing, publicity, collaboration incubation - and process development for doing the same.
  • Global collaboration on background work - explainer videos, analysis of economic significance, background reading materials on the topic, seminal books on the topic; collection of reference materials - such as design of mechanisms, pattern languages; software for design, analysis, or other tasks related to implementation.
  • Design repository, project tracking (issues, completion, etc)
  • Team - people involved
  • Documentation - videos, text, etc.
  • General content - modeling/motivation work regarding the products. This may fall under marketing.

The above would have to allow many people to join and collaborate, and it would promote the deployment of the prototypes worldwide, not just at Factor e Farm.

  • Our only criteria for joining are meeting of OSE Specifications, and each product should have a clear rating with respect to OSE Specifications. Prioritization of technologies should be clear from OSE Specifications.