Scale Model of CEB Press

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3d printed scale model of brick press- the same one we built our house with. 3D printed cylinders and washer solenoid valve + Arduino + pressure sensor + common 50 psi water pump. So the system runs not on high pressure hydraulics but 50 psi water. All the motion would be there - say as a 1/8 scale model or such. Everything works but just in miniature.

This system would allow for realistic modeling and code development. And, the model itself could be a toy or educational kit and product. It would be a great education toy combining mechanics, electronics, programming, hydraulics, and rapid prototyping.

This would allow school kids to do real prototyping for OSE purposes - and if the model is an exact scale model replica - that could help with fine-tuning the real design.

This links schools to science with a purpose and with industrial productivity.