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Nikki Black

Hi Marcin,

Thanks for the info and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.I won't have the opportunity to get all of the Trustees together in a room to discuss this for a couple of weeks yet as they all have very busy schedules. In the meantime can I suggest that you sign up to our website and start a discussion about your project. I think that our members will find this very interesting and this way we can hopefully get more people on board to help.

As you will see from the website there is a tab called 'Seekers'. If you click on one of the sub sections under this tab you will be able to start a discussion in the relevant area. I will be sending a newsletter out to all of our members later today to update them on new discussions so I can let people know about this asap.

When I have the opportunity to discuss this further with the Trustees I will suggest that we promote this to challenge status and create a working group.

I hope this information is helpful to you,

Best regards,