Scientific Equipment Workshop

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Combine several of OSE's GVCS tools - 3D printing, circuit milling, CNC torch table cutting, laser cutting, filament extrusion - with open design - to host workshops where we build all types of diagnostic and scientific equipment - from colorimeters, laser optic stands, low-cost sensors of all types.

We would work in 3D design software to modify designs, and Arduino programming, Fritzing, FreeCAD libraries, and other open tools for doing design and modification.

This would include parametric models of 3D useful objects.

This could be combined with 3D metal printing, lost PLA casting, MIG welder microcasting, and heat treating.

People would have an option to design, build cases with laser cutter, mill circuits, and other tasks in realtime. 3D printing in plastic, silicone, and rubber.


We could optimize design to make valuable products, culminating with 3D printed cordless drills.