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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Governance meeting, Core Metrics adopted by S-A-M - 3-4-4 on Nov 1, 2018


  1. Kits produced
  2. Parts produced
  3. Hours Logged

Weekly Personal Core Metrics

Kept as a spreadsheet, posted on log.

Reported during Monday standup

  1. Kits sold
  2. Workshop Registrations Secured
  3. Teachers trained
  4. OSE Clubs started by Team Charter -
  5. Manuals Published - GVCS, Tool Use, OS Everything Store
  6. Number of Replications
  7. Net revenue generated
  8. Designs generated


  1. Summed by individuals - so that if 2 people work on something,
  2. New iterations or versions are new designs -