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Script Writer Volunteer Position with Open Source Ecology

Time Requirement: 10 hours of volunteer time per week for a 90 day duration

The script writer is responsible for working with the OSE leadership team to produce effective and compelling scripts for videos and promotional materials. As a culturally creative organization open source ecology puts significant attention on making its message accessible to the General Public. The role of the script writer his two assist in and to drive this clarity.

From the very beginning osc has put significant attention on communicating its message regular vlogging comma speeches, inspirational videos are core 200s East Mission we are looking for a professional to help us with this goal.


  • Weekly meeting with the Founder or the publicity and the media team to discuss publicity objectives and priorities
  • Interviewing key OSE leaders to gather materials for video scripts and speeches.
  • Writing video Scripts to assist the OSE founder in effective Communications, focusing on aspirational and division related Communications
  • Working closely with the founder on script preparation
  • Working with and coaching the presenter on effective delivery
  • Ability to work as a team to ensure that the communication is authentic to OSE's fundamental principles


  • Strong writing and storytelling abilities
  • Strong interviewing abilities to elicit interesting and compelling stories from day-to-day materials
  • Ability to determine the nuances of a speaker's Style to produce authentic Scripts
  • Providing work samples of speeches writings and Publications that demonstrate the candidates skill
  • Candidates must understand the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Candidates must display a good appreciation of open-source culture and open Economic Development
  • Ability to communicate complex topics in a simple way to a general audience
  • Focus on inspiration and mission clarity rather than salesmanship of products


  • Being a core part of producing one 2-4 minute script per month, with a video delivered on a monthly basis as part of OSE's regular communications

Typical topics:

  • practical steps to Transformong the economy towards true collaboration in enterprise
  • The power of open source product development
  • The open source microfactory for reinventing production
  • Sound governance for the next economy - building upon all knowledge to date
  • Distributive Enterprise for Dummies
  • OSE Developers - the next Trillion Dollar R&D Firm