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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Scrumy went down. It is not available.

Intro - OSE's lightweight scrum platform.

OSE is using the most light-weight, wiki-embeddable, cloud-editable, no-permissions, free scrum platform. It does not appear to be open source, but it's the lightest weight package that we know of. It tracks tasks in different threads - through the 4 stages of backlog, in progress, to be verified, and done.

One way to use Scrumy as a Burndown Tool would be to post all the tasks of the Development Spreadsheet in the backlog, and as they are placed in the Done column - that corresponds to a burndown - which can be graphed on a weekly basis.

Task Checklist

  • Are you logging?
  • Are you putting in links to work product?
  • Do you have an assignment?


This is another explanation of scrum, from another software provider:


  • Simple, lightweight, free, easy to use - especially after watching above video for the theory.
  • Embeddable - see Flashy XM for an example
  • Cloud editable




  • List of about 50 open source scrum tools - [1]
  • Burndown tools ?