Seed Eco-Home 2 Parallel Tasking

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With respect to upgrading information as in Extreme_Enterprise_Hackathon_Design#Addendum_3.2F27.2F21 -

  1. Seed Eco-Home House Designer - in Sweet Home 3D and in FreeCAD. Sweet Home for anyone, FreeCAD for enterprise level BOM generation, instructionals production, exploded part animations, Language Agnostic Instructionals.
  2. Distilling Video. Long hours of video are available for editing. Always keeping and adding to the source: people edit the Kdenlive, and download individual links to all the clips and pictures. New Albums can be created in Google Docs - where you have 1-click download for simplicity. And all the assets are there including branded intro/outro.
  3. Exploded Part Animations - for every module.
  4. Instructional Video Formula - 1. an explosion of all parts, rapidly in Blender. 2. Rotation in FreeCAD. 3. Exploded part animation in freecad with voice-over. 4. Step-by-step guide using Dozuki. 5. Render of walkthrough in Sweet Home 3D for walk-through the parts.
  5. Creative Model Renderings - of various SEH models from studio, to workshop, to office headquarters.
  6. SEH 2 Concept Designs