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  • SEH financing strategies - [1]

OSE Financial Planning 2023

2023 builds - [2]

Model Proof

Full Scenario to be made Replicable by 10/1/23 by Disciplined Entrepreneurs:

3 month rollout - $200k startup capital. Day 1 with staff is after 3 months (recruiting time, permits). $60k materials. $40k land + legal. $40k labor (5 labor for 2 months, 1600 hours).

$60k left for House 2 Materials - house sale at 6 month mark, to meet payroll. No runway.

Net - $50k (sale price $190k) after 5 months from start. 2 months for 2nd build. 1 month thereafter. and $50k for every month thereafter.

At end of 12 months - 7 builds * $50k = $300k profit per operator with a crew of 5.

Proves financial model with speed of build (5 integrated builder crew + entrepreneur)

at 2 month cycle start at 1600 man hours labor per house start, then going down to 800 man hours afte 2 houses are built.

Assumption: whole house is digitized. New design or customization takes 8 hours to generate including up to full

tech drawings printed out as a packet for builders (structure+MEP+Apertures)

Scalability: at month 7, production rate is 1 house per month, or $600k/year with crew of 5.