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Various Calculations Spreadsheet

  • Concrete volume, materials lenghts, etc. - [1]

Build Time Spreadsheet


Build Time

  • Foundation - 40 hr foundation with grading. 20 hours without grading. 4 hour backhoe, 4 hour gravel, 4 hr rebar, 4 hr staking, 4 hr forms.
  • Modules build - 118 hours for 118 modules total. 60 + 18 garage for 1300 sf model. 40 interior modules.
    • 10 windows at 2 hours. Rest is one hour average, easy. 108 hours + 20 hours. Including plumbing and electrical!. Total of 128 hours.
      • Note that electrical and plumbing may involve up to a dozen components, from cut lists. The assebly station should include spools of wire and tubing, PVC stock, fittings, electrical boxes and devices. A dozen steps at an extra 3 minutes per means about 1/2 hour. For a typical 1/2 hour module - this translates to one hour - within the budget of wall module construction. As far as module stacking, interior modules with MEP can be stacked vertically for tansport.
    • Data from [2] - 3 minutes per member, for 9 members - is a good conservative speed for a carpenter. Build time was 22 minutes with blocking + top/bottom available for these garage modules.
    • Typical simple modules are 12 members, or 24 minutes
    • Windows are ~20 members - 60 minutes for frame.
  • Joists - use Jig Tape premarked for joists. 3D printed blocking later - with recessed screw holes.
  • Modules installation - 15 minutes per. See 1 Hour First Floor for data that says 6.3 minutes per team of 2, making it under 15 minutes per person. Thus the 15 minute estimate holds.
  • Joists and floors x3. First floor, second floor (roof) and garage. 5 minute figure for joist and 4x8 sheet. 22+22+13 sheets = 57 sheets. Joists - 32+32+18=82. 139 total, with 5 min ea, is 695 minutes. 12 hours.


  • Helper tape - premarked tape. $5. Green for first floor joists, red for second floor joists, blue for garage joists.
  • Joist hoist
  • Drywall Jack
  • Winch system
  • Power Ladder system
  • Bump nailer
  • OSB as the Arbiter
  • Hole saw set
  • Socket set
  • Interior modules - prepped with MEP

Installation - 15 Minutes Per Wall Module


  • This process relies on quality controlled modules which are flat to 1-2".
  • OSB Master already guarantees edges to be square.
  • Leaning in or out - corrected at the top plate-setting level with string line between 2 corners. Braces released in the middle


  1. Clamp to bottom of next module.
  2. Screw working module into base near bottom clamp.
  3. Clamp to top of next module.
  4. Suck in middle as needed. Use T25 screws.
  5. Screw working module at other end - done.
  6. Add brace for support. 2x4x8s for braces.
  7. Bump nail it off once quality controlled for module correctness with fiducials and Pokayoke marking.

Concrete Calculator

  1. Concrete_Calculator