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Trim Painting

  • Oct 1 - 2 hours to stack everything. Cut spacers. Used tractor - 4 days ago. Placed pile on top of modules today, was relatively quick - uncovered and covered back up, prob 1/2 hr total.
  • Sep 21, 2023 - 3 hrs - painting 2nd coat [1]. Mostly bunched 5 to 1 or 2, then did individual board - with face and edges at the same time before moving to the next. Little scraping. Pour paint into tray. Total 4.5 gallons used? 2.5 minute average per board for second coat, 4.2 minutes for first coat not including setup. For future suggestions: Do not setup 'horse barricade' making you walk around to other side. That probably saves an hour. For layout - go directly from truck to painting on a sawhorse, ideally a long semi-permanent set of tables (tables on casters). Otherwise, is there a way to get around the large space required? Until cured, can't stack the boards. But we can stack boards on spacers for first coat, then lay them individually for the second coat: first coat will result in little marks from spacers, which are them covered by second coat but second coat must be final, so can't stack them at 2nd coat. Some rack would be useful - 10 levels 8' wide does it. Without such infrastructure - just stack first coat, spread out second coat boards.
  • Sep 20, 2023 - 6:30 total. Finished setup - 1 hr setup: 22 minutes move stuff - 30 minutes to brush off dirt with brooms. 5:30 painting.. Spread boards on horses, added one horse. 5:30 paiting: One side, edges. Flow was to paint accessible side, then paint all of inaccessible side. Then turn boards on edges to paint edges. Best is to take either 2 large ones (12 and 8) or all smaller (6 and 4) and bind with clamp. Tried to paint in place for the edges - doesn't work well as I can not see far edge and have to lean over. More detail: [2] shows 22 painted 3/4 of the way (walkable part, not on the other side of 'horse barricade'. Took 45 mintues for these 22 - or 2 minutes per. Roller. Rest. Then tried 'broller' = 'brush roller' - use the roller to roll at an angle, so it actually slides and paints like a paintbrush. This is much faster. [3] shows 25 more done in one hour - these were 12" wide, smooth - not the 8" and 4". Still, about 2 minutes each, but also the 3/4 way per piece because of access (see [4]. Summary of acceleration?: it took 1:45 to paint 47 3/4 of the way. The total number is 78 pieces [5]. Edges are like painting a second time. Roughly, 47*3/4=35. It took 3.75 hr to paint 43 more, but if we 'double it' for the edges - it took 3.75 to paint 121 of them - or 1.8 minutes per, compared to 2.7 minutes per (2 min/0.75). Expectation of the 'broller' route is perhaps 2x as fast as rolling - the broller is a very active process, travel speed is comparable to sprayer though sprayer coverage is wider. It seems that 1.5 minutes is doable, maybe even 1 minute - per board- with the fast route. But edges are also an issue they 'double' the time, possibly triple. It would be best to do edge and face at the same time, it seems. Because it's the time walking around barricade that takes time. We should probably just set up a few horses only, no barricade as workflow is poor with 'barricade.' And eventually, a roller jig for painting boards - just send them through.
  • Sep 19, 2023 - 1:50 painting setup [6] - 7 sawhorses + 14 sawhorses, all materials laid out - 78 pieces [7]


  • Staking of forms - 1 hr for 'supercorners', 2 hours for all rest including string. Superstructure concept works.
  • 2 days of forms = 1 day 6 hours 6 people, day 2 from 8 to 1 PM = 66 hours + staking + grading
  • Grading - 2 people 6+8 hours = 14 hrs pre-grade
  • Smooth for 4 hours - bulk smoothing amd evening
  • Finish smooth for 4 hours - getting to a couple inches
  • Final smooth 2 hours - finishing off to 2 inches level


  • Grade - 24 hr
  • String - 3 hrs
  • Foundation forms - 66 hours
  • Pour - 4 hrs clusterf*** with 6 people. Initial troublespot was truck getting in right after a sliver of snow made traction difficult so even the 7% small grade did not allow traction. Spread gravel, had to use conveyor to transfer from one truck to another for a stuck truck. Boss came out to help. Mudsill anchors not taped. Forms blew out several inches on one end. Get data for next time.