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  • 1000 sf, colonial style 2 floor, Rosebud Model
  • 2 bed, 2 bath standard. Custom design can add more bedrooms as space allows.
  • Heat pump, induction cooktop, and efficient water heater are standard options.
  • 6 kW PV option (saves $1000/year). See PV System Install Cost.
  • Attached carport is standard
  • Gravel driveway (pervious pavement) is standard.


(these are subject to change without notice due to cost fluctuations, workflow requirements, legal requirements, engineering requirements, hidden commercial costs)

This is a general cost breakdown, and the specifics may vary depeding on situation.

  • Lot - from free to $85k average lot cost USA.
  • Permits, engineering, legal, title work
  • Site preparation, grading, soil stabilization work
  • $60k materials
  • 6kW PV option - $10k materials
  • Labor - 1000 hours at $50/hr is allowed for crew of 24. Build time is 1000 hours - or 5 days with crew of 24. Doable only with immediate inspection schedules. This includes all the trades, but some jurisdictions may require other subcontractors. The OSE model is that OSE does all the build tasks, no contractors are needed unless required by jurisdiction.
  • Developer fee or profit margin. Developer Profit Margin. OSE is the developer and contractor. Other subcontractors may need to be hired depending on jurisdiction.
  • Closing Costs - real estate commission, taxes, closing fees, selling concessions, HOA costs, any other transaction costs.