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These are the types of drones that OSE is interested in developing and using.

General Features

  • Switching between mission planned and human controlled operation
  • Various sensors of all kinds
  • Open source hardware base throughout, culminating with microprocessor fabrication
  • Open source motors
  • Open source low cost controllers
  • Plastic 3D printed circuit boards, potted for mil spec
  • Generally mil spec for lifetime design aspects
  • Parts interchangeable between all media (aerial, terrestrial, aquatic, space etc) - ie, a product ecosystem
  • Construction set approach with WAAM for heavy machine parts
  • Induction furnace for WAAM-purposed wire drawing and aluminum motor winding wire drawing
  • Complete stackability in all media, with Freeloader Range Extension and aerial rechargin
  • Aerial recharging
  • Charcoal Combine for infinite range extension for high power
  • Both fueled and solar power options


  • Topo maps - completely automated toolchain for getting topographic maps of a land parcel.
  • CSA food delivery - automated food delivery for subscription CSAs run from Seed Eco-Homes or from larger farms.
  • Surveying - aerial photographs of the property
  • Photogrammetry - actual elevation surveying for land elevation
  • Tree cover and plant growth - NVDI imaging
  • Augmented vision for construction -
  • Internet range extension in the form of flying repeaters. Long distance LAN networking with self-landing, self-charging operation
  • Fixed wing, tailsitter, VTOL fixed wing, copter versions
  • Terrestrial drone aerial drone carrier - for range extension, charging on Slow Solar Operation


  • Solar powered charging
  • Solar in-flight charging - rollout flexible PV panel
  • Automated landing pad with automated charging
  • Swarming - around a master drone, each drone repeats same action as master drone, programmable for specific distance between drones


  • Automated grading bulldozers
  • Slow solar or regular CSA delivery, remote controlled or mission planned.
  • Remote control and mission planned tractors for earthworks
  • Automated pond digger
  • Mission planned posthole digger
  • Geofenced mowing robots
  • Remote control forestry vehicles
  • Automated brick delivery robots for CEB construction - carrying bricks for wall laying
  • RTK GPS precision backhoe for digging square holes, trenches, and precision earthworks
  • SSO delivery drones


  • Geofencing
  • Swarming - communicating between units to divide up a task or to multiplex the same task
  • Accurate RTK GPS positioning for elevation for keyline plowing and swaling
  • Object detection
  • Remote Vision and CV AI


  • Solar powered autonomous-capable container ships


  • Satellites and satellite constellations for surveying, imaging, and internet delivery


  • Superamphibian - amphibious submarine drones which can move on land, under water, swim under water, or ride on top of the water
  • Water-landing aerial drones
  • Water-based drone carrier for aerial drones - seek and rescue missions


  • RFID-locating or tag-locating swarming of aerial drones on a drone carrier