Seed Eco-Home Expansion

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  • Modular design has expansion ability as a core features, so you can start with half a good house and expand as needed - as opposed to starting with one bad house. This allows for lower entry level cost dictated only by the minimum square footage requirement of your local jurisdiction. (define a minimum cost home here). This is relevant to a minimum-cost build from a kit.
  • 3rd floor can be added, as the foundation and floors are rated to support up to 3 floors.
  • Garage workshop - due to presence of electrical panel, garage electrical can be upgraded to welders or other heavy tools readily if one wants to set up a garage workshop.
  • Hidden doors - there are 2 hidden doors on the back that allow for ready expansion to 2000 sf, and likewise for new additions to as much space as one needs
  • Windows are framed such tha they can be converted to doors readily if one wants to expand one into an additional room.
  • Water line takeoff is pre-stubbed for expansion of water to the addition if other kitchens or bathrooms need to be added.
  • Roof of expanded house is designed for ready addition of PV
  • The terrace can readily be enclosed to make an additional room.