Seed Eco-Home Funding Narrative

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  • $500k NoVo Foundation continuing grant, after a $150k seed grant, guarantees development of the 6 Person Model for building the Seed Eco-Home. See Open_Sector_Creation_Whitepaper#Sequencing_Approach for more details, but in a nutshell, the 6 Person Model is:
    • OSE capacity to build one Seed Eco-Home in 6 weeks as a robust enterprise model with a net revenue of $800k/year.
    • This point would mark a highly replicable enterprise requiring $400k in startup capital and first year net of $400k. Startup = materials + land for 2 homes ($200k) and payroll for 6 months of runway ($150k). This model requires 4.5 months of runway based on a 3 month sale time of the first home built for the model to become self-sustaining, with $200k (conservative) revenue assumption for the first house sold. See Seed Eco-Home 6 Person Model Spreadsheet.