Seed Eco-Home Labor Strategy

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Enterprise Level

  • Train or hire full-time construction managers
  • Jon helps find them
  • Management track is clear - see SEH Revenue Model Development - builders start at $32.80 after testing out to $65/hr levels of productivity. 50/50. Which is 3 homes per year, and we get better with automation and import substitution. Management track starts at $50/hr = $92k with one week vacation, for running crews at different sites (6 crews like that) - each is worth a million.
  • Investing in Construction Managers is a way to $1M net per manager, so construction managers are the first priority. Back end support.
  • Job announcement:
    • Secures parts from BOMs, updates BOMs
    • Negotiates with Structural Engineers and Electrical Engineers for required stamped documents
    • Inventories materials
    • Secures material deliveries to 4 job sites at a time
    • Managers construction foremen at each site: 4 builds, 3 foremen at each site, 24 build crew
    • Coordinates with Foremen on data collection using Data Collection App for build progress.
    • Gains deep familiarity with build process
  • What we need is not a construction manager: typical role:
    • repare cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables - done already as we're Digital
    • Interpret and explain contracts and technical information to other professionals - done, we have a crew and foremen
    • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and other construction specialists - done, we have a stock package, this is just admin
    • Select subcontractors and schedule and coordinate their activities - done - we have it in house
    • Monitor projects and report progress and budget matters to the construction firm and clients - done with time lapse app by Foreman/Build Manager
    • Respond to work delays, emergencies, and other problems with the project - this is addressed by hired onsite 3rd party inspector.
    • Ensure that the project complies with legal requirements, such as building and safety codes - done, we're Digital.
  • We need on-the-ground people. Who does the office work? Operations Manager, who is ideally coming from an initial build crew.
    • Admin, hired 3rd party.
    • Payroll - automated
    • Construction Instructor - 'teacher' who is out there with the crew. Does both class time and build management in the format of an education operation.
  • Growth:
    • 4 sites at a time, 3 foremen at each site who are familiar with the work..

Nonprofit Enterprise

  • 1 week online training + written test on using cheatsheets
  • Bank volunteer hours - bofa + 3 others with presentation pumping the pavement + for 20 people, 5 weekends on Saturdays.
  • Church program - 24 churches, 2 people from each church, at 5 PM for pour. 100 churches - 100 houses.
  • Numbers - develop a program for Banks + Churches. Real numbers. Dozen homes each.
  • Churches to Banks seems like 10-1. Incentive: church member gets a house. 2 options for OSE 20% - sponsored, or cross-subsidized for anything above 25% on regular builds.
  • Is there state tuition assistance with edu programs?


  • 2 categories - ethical and simple time
  • Graduates from SEH 1, Aquaponics 1 (Jenna, Jonathan, Cali, Tennessee). OSE Builder Crash Course - Anthony, Logan, Peggy, Ken. And donuts from St. Joe.
  • YouTube recruitment - $X for Y skill on date Z
  • Highly paid experts and construction magrs ($50-100) who already build and the heir build skill is transparent
  • Last resort - temps
  • Prison labor, highly paid
  • Vets project. Motivated by low cost house at $90k + Land + $10k labor + local customer
  • Hit the streets for local supporters
  • Urban gardening temp structures of rebar as the state of art aquaponics + urban gardening
  • Local church - group of 20 for 3 days. House sold at 60+20 OSE+10+land
  • $20k git clone house=BOM + labor 500 hours at trained level, 1000 hours untrained + 1 week of weekend trainings. Weekend training: we build smaller modules!


  • Local ethical supporters with their networks - volunteer
  • Local paid unskilled workers for job training and security
  • Community service hours as judgment
  • Prisoners paid. Workforce training after coming out.