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About Fairness

How to avoid niggling in negotiation, by keeping principles fair and simple such as 50/50 revenue share?


  • Minimum value created from individual effort, accounted per individuals working as a team, or individuals in solitary work - 50% worker revenue, 50% OSE revenue
    • 'Revenue' refers to 'net revenue', which is the most important from an enterprise perspective.
    • OSE covers training and all operating costs.
    • Projections - 500 hours with AR assist. It may be that AR assist is required to achieve 500 hr.
    • Each person can build 4 houses in one year according to this model. Under this secenario, net revenue per house must be $16.4k with $32.80 starting pay for graduates. $66k starting. The Revenue Model Scanarios call for $25k, so AR-assist share generated per builder is $100k. Incentive structure can be set up where an individual captures value under a 50/50 ratio, as soon as they achieve productivity milestones. If it is 4 houses, they get $66k, + 50% of new value created. New value created is half the $34k (excess value above) - so a bonus of $17k, or $83k. It may be interesting to condition this upon risk-share. What if business isn't good? Worker should share both upside and downside - as long as general trend is good pay. The downside is well-mitigated - as model is robust. B

Land Development

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