Seed Home 2 Workflow

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One of the Seed Home's unique values is the planned efficiency and effectiveness of hte build process:

  1. Design as simple as possible, but not simpler.
  2. Design-for-build optimization - every detail is considered from the standpoint of ease of build - by professionals and amateurs alike.
  3. Can be swarmed or done with as little as 1 person.
  4. Choice of utilities reflects ease of build
  5. Plumbing flush with ground at slab build stage
  6. Utility Panel houses modular utilities
  7. Utility Channel houses utility runs
  8. Apply automation and CNC whenever possible
    1. Automated BOM generation fed into CNC cutoff saw for lumber
    2. 3D printed screw pile augers
    3. 3D Printed trim and lumber
    4. Autonomous foundation digging tractor + logic: pond hole + pad with level sensors
  9. Develop AI for the design process.
    1. Design app - FreeCAD workbench and standalone design app for new models

Working Doc