Seed Home Workshop Preparation Process

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OBI will be offering Seed Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse builds in other locations starting in 2017. The general process for builds involves:

  1. Potential Client Suitability Assessment. Includes identifying closest materials supplier.
  2. OBI Client Contract - 4 months prior to build date. 2 Contracts - one is Prep Contract including site, materials, and earnest money, and other one is the OBI Build Contract.
  3. Site clearing up to gravel laying and foundation pour by Client - 3 months before build date. Client should expect 1 day clearing with Bobcat, 1.5 day to put up forms, and 1/2 day to pour and remove forms. OBI inspects this by 3 months within build date. Verification via pictures, etc.
  4. Inventory received, verified by Client, specifics verified by OBI including any part substitutions - 4 hrs.
  5. Event posting - 2 months before build date

The general steps involved in preparing for a workshop are, once all assets are developed:

  1. Client communications, initial contact - 5 minutes to send out Client Suitability Assessment Form.
  2. Client Communications - Client Suitability Assessment Form evaluation - 1 hr
  3. Initial Build Discussion - Client Expectations Assessment Form filled out during conversation - 1 hr
  4. Preliminary Contract signing - 2 hrs
  5. Materials ordering - client is responsible for receiving, and doing inventory. OBI verifies inventory - including consumables and tools. OBI verifies supplies and work environment - such as sawhorses. - 8 hrs
  6. OBI Client Checklist - once every item on checklist is affirmed, OBI Build Contract is signed. - 4 hrs
  7. OBI Build Contract signed - 4 hrs
  8. Workshop publicity - generate list of interested groups. Once generated, that is a company asset of OBI. Then it takes 8 hours to execute - sending out announcement to all groups, etc. 8 hrs.
  9. Participant communications - 8 hrs
  10. Catering - 4 hrs to make calls and organize menu. Develop a standard menu that we adhere to. 4 hrs.
  11. Closure and followup - 8 hrs
  12. Build - 3 days.

Total: 6 days prep, and 9 days including the event- and about 11 days including travel.