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There are several calculation types:

  1. Engineering related - structural. These are addressed and minimized by open source design and open source calculation methods: Seed Home 2 Structural Calculations, Seed Home 2 Brace Wall Calculations.
  2. Site adaptation - the only outstanding cost per distributed build is the appropriation of a build to a given site. Setbacks, etc, of a Site Plan. In the ideal case, the site is flat and we build exactly as shown in the plans. The possible adaptation may be for some construction details related to local codes, local climate, soil, and special conditions. Ideally, we crank these out in a day's work.
  3. Costs - materials, equipment, labor, overhead/legal/design
  4. Ergonomics of build - these go into the Costs of build

Structural Engineering

See Construction Plan Check Document

Vinyl Siding

  • 2300 sf of SEH 2 takes 128 hours for 6" siding according to Vinyl Siding Calculator
  • We have 8" siding, so it should be 96 hours.
    • "Install using manufacturer recommended corner and edge flashing and J-channels. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup."

Build Times

Panel Build Time

Wall Shear Heuristics for Wind Loads

  • Calculations for Seed Eco-Home II: 1- [1] and 2 - [2]
  • Online calculator results in PDF - [3] plus source file in .txt format, which can be uploaded to the Wall Bracing Calculator

Roof Cost


  • Foundation, tributary loads by CM- [5]



  • See OBI document - part of the Book - [6]

Embodied Energy of Seed Home

See Embodied Energy of Seed Home

Ergonomics of Build

Panel Weight

Total Panel Weight

PV Panels

  • 46 sq meter roof for Rosebud is only 6.9 kW on roof.
  • Can house be clad with panels? yes, for added capture,such as Roofless Roof porch for a total of 14 kW
  • 14 KW gets you to 84kWhr on average.

Energy Savings

  • Reduce the $1000/year energy costs.
  • Reduce the $600/year water bill - with closed loop water.

Cost Estimates

  • Roofs - [7]
  • Scaffolding - Home Depot rental - The platform is 5x7 and can be expanded up to 15 ft high (in 5 ft increments). It costs $162 per week or $405 per month. It would be expensive to rent scaffolding to wrap around the whole house, but it wouldn't be cost prohibitive to rent just one. The question then becomes whether this is too heavy and awkward to move around (which it might well be).