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There is a significant software component to the Extreme Enterprise event. Supporting useful software would include:

  1. FreeCAD Workbench for the Seed Home v2 using the OSE Workbench Platform. This would be populated with part libraries for the Seed Home v2, and can be done also for the utility subsystems. Seed Home Workbench would be incorporated into Linux.
  2. SweetHome - potentially creating a custom distribution of Sweet Home in OSE Linux that includes all of the part libraries.
  3. Massive Multiplayer Online - game where people design the workflow ergonomic improvements and compete to build various versions of the Seed Home. This would require a heavyweight stakeholder, who is progressive and who wants to work on pressing world issues.
  4. Code for any automation or devices involved in house building or its operation, such as smart grid management, automated tractor control for pier augering.