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  • Seeder Function is to plant seeds in the soil of a farm plot. Planting a seed consists of making a furrow (a small groove) in the soil, dropping a seed into the furrow, covering the furrow with soil, then flattening that region of soil; this process ensures that the seed is fully covered by a sufficiently compacted layer of soil.


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Conceptual Notes



  • Seeding System - performs the entire seeding process
  • Hydraulic System - powers the seeding system.
  • Structural System - contains and mounts the components of the seeding and hydraulic system, as well as the towing mechanism and the wheels.

Seeding System


  • Hopper - is the container that holds the seeds.
  • Hopper Rotor - is the component that moves near the bottom of the hopper as to loosen up the seeds and hence maintain a consistent flow of seeds out of the hopper.

Seed Plate

  • Seed Plate - is the plate that determines the seeding hole size. The seeding hole is passed by the seeds that come out of the hopper; larger seeding holes allow more seeds to drop from the hopper per seeding pass; smaller seeding holes allow less seeds per pass.


  • Furrow Plow - is the metal component that makes a furrow in the soil as it passes through the ground. The furrow plow has 2 bolt holes for mounting.
  • Cover Plows - are the two one-sided metal plows that face and move soil inwards in order to cover the furrow with soil after seeding. Each cover plow has 2 bolt holes for mounting.
  • Plow Mount - is the steel bar with 6 holes on which the furrow plow (2 holes), cover plows (2 holes, one on each side of holes), and
  • Plow Mount Extension - is the steel bar with 4 holes that connects the plow mount (2 holes) to the rest of the seeder (2 holes).


  • Roller - is the wide wheel that flattens the seeded region of the soil as it rotates along the ground.
  • Roller Axle - is the round bar around which the roller rotates.
  • Roller Mount - is the component on both sides of and keeping in place the roller axle onto the

Hydraulic System

  • Hopper Rotor Hydraulic Motor - rotates the hopper rotor.
  • Seeding System Hydraulic Cylinder - adjusts the height of the seeding system.

Structural System



Towing Mechanism

  • Tow Pin and Jaw


Industry Standards

Industry Standard GVCSTool


Wanted: List of expenses for prototyping and documenting GVCSTool

Peer Reviews

Wanted: Peer reviews from the scientific community regarding the R&D of GVCSTool

Experiments and Prototypes

Wanted: Empirical data on performance

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Prototype Notes, Observations, etc.

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