Semiconductor Fabrication

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  • You need $3-22M to make microchips ub a Minimal Fab facility that takes one room. See website - [1] and PDF - [2]. (this is not OSE's work, this is proprietary Japanese technology)
  • Claim is 100x less expensive than megafab.
  • No cleanroom needed
  • Power consumption to make one IC is 10x smaller
  • Claim is 800 nm feature size - [3]
  • Excellent PDF on minimal production system, goal of 1 product per minute. [4]. It says 90 nm architecture. 20 pieces of equipment required instead of typical 300 pieces of equipment. Cost ridiculously low - 1/100 of typical cost - by working on 1 chip at a time, by using multiprocess equipment.
  • Related video -