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Serial numbers keep track of products made.

Their format is typically:

OSE-D3D-V18.10-MJ-KIT1-special codes

  1. first is company
  2. Second is machine - 3 letter capital name. See Machine Codes
  3. Third is version. See Genealogies for base versions.
  4. Fourth is the person who verified the quality control. This will typically indicate the location of production in distributed manufacturing. Authorized Quality Control people are listed at the Authorized Quality Controller List.
  5. Last is either KIT or XM - products shipped in kit form or via an Extreme Manufacturing (XM) workshop. KIT or XM is followed by the number of the build. To avoid dead space -just the number is shown.
  6. Any special codes may follow the last number, such as location notes, special requirements, etc. If nothing, leave blank
  7. All capsfor easy recognition

Serial Numbers Lists