Server Admin 101

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  • SSHFS mounts Keepass on my local computer, but changes are saved on server
  • Passphrase decrypts my key (private key) - the password prompted when attempting to open our shared ose keepass (via sshfs command) is used to decrypt the ssh private key corresponding to our hetzner2 server.
  • Private key, personal keepass, public keepass - backed up
  • Hetzner console - VNC - gui through internet - back door to passphrase
  • Tom and Michael has root access
  • Key file and passphrase are needed to open up keepass on the server
  • To unlock OSE Keepass - there is a key file (generated by Michael)
  • Do backup of keepass in encrypted volume (which has a bunch of encrypted stuff). To use backup USB - insert it and read the Readme.