Setting Up Development Spreadsheets

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The goal of setting up Development Spreadsheets is to facilitate micro-contributions and to allow development items to be searched using the Development Spreadsheet uniform taxonomy.

  1. Take a machine from Official Machine List.
  2. Break down machine into modules (~10)
  3. Start the actual wiki pages for the machine, starting with Index Page for machine - as To start this page, just right click on the link to open in a new tab - and replace the Machine Name and Version with the Machine Name and Version of interest. This will create a new wiki page by that name, which you can start editing.
  4. Click Create or Edit to begin editing the Index Page you just created.
  5. On the Index Page, Start the actual wiki pages for the modules, by copying the following in Edit Mode of wiki, and pasting into the Index Page (in Edit Mode).
  6. In the above, change the Machine Name, Version, and Module - with the appropriate Machine Name, Version, and Module. Save.
  7. Once the Index Page is created, click on each of the 11 modules and open them in 11 new browser Tabs.
  8. once the 11 pages above are created, click edit in each window, remaining in the same Tab.
  9. Paste the following HTML code into each window to begin the process of embedding the spreadsheets for each machine and module (click edit to see):
    • [ edit]
  10. Make the ~11 (number of modules plus 1 for the overall Dev Board) copies of Development Board on Google Drive, all at once by clicking File -> Make a copy... in your Google Drive, in separate Tabs. Click on the check box to Share it with the same people.
  11. Change the title of the Google docs spreadsheet to the respective Machine and Module, ~11 at a time as one step to save time on workflow.
  12. Publish each of the Google docs spreasheets - capture the HTML embed code, and paste into the ~11 wiki pages.
  13. Copy the URL of each of the ~11 spreadsheets - and paste as the Edit link in the ~11 wiki pages.
  14. Change the width of the sreadsheets in the HTML code to 100% width and 500 height. Save all the wiki pages.
  15. Paste the Development Board wiki pages into Dozuki under the respective Machine -> Modules -> respective Module.
    • If the placeholder is not set up on the Dozuki platform, then create those by going to Manage -> Content, and adding the machine and modules.
  16. Change the sharing settings in the google docs from Private to Anyone can view.
  17. In the Development Spreadsheet for a given Machine and Module on Dozuki, change all the placeholder wiki page names to the correct Machine and Module.
  18. See example of a finished link on Dozuki - - such as for the overall brick press here - [1]. Verify that in the spreadsheets - the correct Machine Name - Version - Module Name placeholder links are found and there are no typos. This can be seen readily by visual inspection of the final product. You should go through this for every module.
  19. It takes approximately one hour to fill in 6 complete modules for a given machine using the above process. It is key that if there is a slow internet connection, the pages are set up in bulk as in the above process so one moves to the next window as the former window loads.