Sharkbite Fittings

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Pros and Cons

Pretty good overview:

Negative View - But Conclusion is That they Work Well

In the video above - this plumber explains why he doesn't use them - citing higher potential for leaks: Video comments:

  • One Australian plumber says everyone uses them in Australia and if they don't, their work costs too much and thus they are not competitive.
  • Comments also say 'The bottom line is that the independent testing has said "Sharkbites work, they work well, and they are no more likely to leak than other fittings!"'
  • 'This sounds like plumbers talking bad on sharkbite because it makes plumbers obsolete...Quickest and easiest way to connect. I know it sucks when your trade is being undercut by an invention but don't be that guy.'

Internet Comments

  • Push-fit leak more - [1]
  • Stay away from push-fit, but clear reason is not given [2]
  • Reliable but soldering is better [3]
  • Sharkbite says PEX lasts longer than copper [4]
  • M type copper lasts 20, L type lasts 50, and K type lasts 100 [5]
  • PEX will likely last as long as copper. [6]


  • Plastic does not corrode, so I don't see copper lasting longer than PEX in practice unless animals chew up the PEX.
  • Clean off outer edge on plastic - can use deburring tool or sand paper. [7]
  • For lubricant, do nut use petroleum based lubricant. Use silicone-based lube. [8]