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Shaun MacDougall 3:45 PM (4 hours ago) to me

Hey Marcin, Wow thank you for replying. I didn't think it would make it onto your desk. It's a great honor, I appreciate you taking the time.

To answer your questions. If you have the whole server side infrastructure: DB and Hosting. I can just build the html css and a little javascript. Hand it over to your web guy, as I'm sure you have one.

Here's a github repo for the designs. I'm currently making each component a smart object. Just incase you have a designer with photoshop, or a whole team. We can split up the workload if need be.

I'm taking the whole 'open source' approach to the design process. Thought you'd appreciate it.

Lastly, it's a privilege to correspond with someone who has already had a positive impact on the future of our species. While Elon Musk is hailed the winner of capitalism. I feel you, and people like you, will have far more of an impact in years and decades to come. In the words of Mike Love "Take back the power, take back the knowledge, humanity don't let this be our final hour."