Shelf Mounting Procedure

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20 Foot Shelves

These are made in two sections of 10' each.

  1. Mount the 70 lb angle bracket, and the 1' long 2x4 after that on top of the angle bracket using 1.5 " screws from the bottom. Mount the brackets with 2.5 or 3" screws. Use two brackets every four feet with one bracket on the ends. Use a level to keep a level over the 20 feet.
  2. Mount the 6x board first.
  3. Mount the 8' plywood strip on back of the two 6" boards, on outside. Do not do this in situ. The mid piece of about 4' long will be cut to size later.
  4. Also mount the 12" connecting strip to one of the 6" boards.
  5. Also mount the 13.75" strip of plywood on each side.
  6. Join the two 10 foot sections by the back strip, cut to size, and by the mid connecting piece from the bottom using 1.5" screws - 2 on each side. Move the shelf away from the glazing wall to screw in the connecting piece.
  7. Mount the 2x8 to the end strip on the side at the greenhouse corner. With this attached, the corner end can be shuffled to the corner, ready for attachment to the brackets.
  8. Use 1.5" screws first to pull the shelf towards the glazing wall by screwing into the glazing wall studs at every 4 feet.
  9. Add the last 2x8. Attach to the mid connector and end connector.
  10. Mount the front strips, first the 8 footers outside, then the mid piece cut to length of about 4'.
  11. Attach the shelves to the brackets.
  12. Mount the 2x6 blocks, 4.5" long - at every 4 feet for attaching the hanger strap.
  13. Use 25" hanger straps for.hanging the shelf.
  14. Use 36" hanger straps for handling the 2' wide shelves.