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  • An great, albeit somewhat saddening that it is needed, project where waste textiles are Upcycled to a heavy duty jacket with an attackable below waist portion to transform it into a sleeping bag
  • Meant to act as a shelter from the elements for people who are homeless
  • Need to find plans + what materials are used (if info is available)
  • Also would be neat to adapt it to Stanscrap materials (The waterproof / windproof aspect is somewhat easy, the "breatablility" is more difficult)
  • Also optimize for production (similar to that "reel to reel" mask pleater vs hand making each mask; not a factory, but a jig + optimized design)
  • Also may have appeal to those SUPER ultralight backpackers (tent->2 person tent->1 person tent->waterproof bag and this)
  • Would be a great project to allow makers/threadwork people to help their community

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