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  • A Device Consisting Typically of Two Axis With Opposing Blades
  • These essentially act as shears and continously cut sections of the inserted material
  • It is useful for reducing small chunks of something into flakes

Use Cases

Disaster Relief

  • Occasionally used to reduce non-concrete rubble/debris


Recycling, particularly of metal scrap, will require an industrial-strength shredder. If you haven't seen one of these awesome machines in action, what are you waiting for?

Watch it shred!

Scrap metal is anything that's "51% metal."

  • First, sort things for shredding.
  • Second, put them in the shredder.
  • Third, take the bits of metal and process them in a mini-mill.

Recycling ferrous metal is waaay more efficient than mining and refining it.

A small or light-duty shredder can be extremely useful for recycling waste plastic for use in moulding, extruding or 3D Printing. This open-hardware one has been published on GrabCAD, but the tooling is a bit intensive (e.g. cutting threads onto each end of a tool-steel hexagonal bar), so I'm working on an even cheaper one. 4ndy (talk) 13:16, 7 June 2014 (CEST)

Organic Waste

  • Shredd wood, clippings, and even dead animals

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