Shuttleworth Application 2014 Brief

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Executive Summary

  • Continue developing infrastructure from 12 to 18 full time people on site with our new Artchitecture Product Lead
  • Organize an ambitious college tour of 50 universities for Q1-Q2 of 2014
  • Stabilize with 18 full time Dedicated Project visitors on site as the baseline developer population by end of May, and go into full speed of development on the Last Mile of the GVCS: beta release of all 50 machines by end of 2015 pending 1000 hours of contributions per week.
  • Reframe towards "Mecca of Open Source Hardware Development" - Begin a Residency Program where we invide open source hardware rock stars towards making Factor e Farm a world class development facility. Improve infrastructure for this: more Microhousese, an Electronics Workshop, and a swimming pool.
  • Partner with Everywhere Tech (Catarina Mota) on addressing the Last Mile of open source technology transfer: Production Workshops based on extensive documentation as a self-funding mechanism for continuing development of each of the 50 machines
  • Develop GVCS machine and Microhouse Workshop model - weekends of "social production experience" - as a means for funding development of each product.
  • Reframe Production as Documentation, while developing the "One Day" brand


  • "Frank Lloyd Wright model of apprenticeship"
  • Hired Microhouse developer Chris Reinhart to his dream job
  • Clarity on on-site community management
  • spring cleaning and grid hookup for utilities to house a larger stable population. HabLab stabilized for 12 oeople
  • Realtime Build/Document Sprint
  • Microhouse Build with all open source heavy equipment
  • setting up documentation platform on Dozuki
  • attaining a base understanding of Critical Operationss
  • demonstrate economic robustness of Workshop Model by building upon $5k/day earnings proof-of-concept


  • Based on Realtime Documentation success - we are moving into realtime video as a pattern. YouTube + OpenShot.
  • Residencies - Stefan, Addie, Yann.
  • Tech transfer visits - modern steam, cnc multimachine, universal power supply with Paul
  • Architected Design Sprints - building on the impressive results of Design Sprints - we will architect specific collaboration sprints for rapid development cycles


  • Effective "Resident Advisor" for onsite population
  • Implement lean operations functions
  • Train on-site participants to rise up from within the organization


  • Deploy FreeCAD or Lego Draw solution for machine design - dropping participation barriers further
  • Do 6 residencies off site in key supported areas - steam, CNC multimachine, 3D Printer,
  • \Develop first Architected Sprint - Collaboration Architecture - based on specific invitations in a design/dev event


  • Work - complete absorption. On/off boarding - airport pickup, accommodations, work in 'apprenticeship model'
  • RESIDENT ADVISOR/VIDEOGRAPHER (stipend), complete House Rules (for all participants) including respect, how to handle Marcin, food, cleaning, Honors (take out the garbage, etc.)


  • Doing Their Own Thing - via Contract and Work Plan and clear protocols (generally exist) - and MJ working directly with students - 4 meetings per week in general, check-in in afternoon on progress, culturing a group leader by making that known.
  • keeping numbers manageable - class of 18
  • positioning as Apprentice Model
  • Housing - Architecture Lead has this under control
  • Productivity - addressed by clear expectations
  • Advisory board for Dedicated Project Visit/Residency operations