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HintLightbulb.png Hint: After a decade of operation, Shuttleworth Foundation folded in 2023. Moreover, the funding organization - Ubuntu - is going public.


Shuttleworth Foundation is a unique foundation which focuses on the support of open enterprises. It funds early-stage, high-risk projects committed to open economic development. Marcin, OSE Founded and Executive Director, has been selected as a Shuttleworth Fellow for 2012. He has just been re-selected as a Fellow for 2013. See Shuttleworth Fellowship 2013 Submission.

OSE Applications to Shuttleworth Foundation

See applications from 2011, 2012, and 2013 - Shuttleworth Fellowship Application

Shuttleworth Foundation Fellows

See Marcin and other Fellows at -

Marcin Jakubowski from Shuttleworth Foundation on Vimeo.


  • Company goes public in 2023? [1]. Mark Shuttleworth says - He stressed that Canonical is not in a situation where it has to raise outside money and that going public for him is not about fundraising. He noted that Canonical’s revenue last year was $175 million and that the company’s biggest challenge right now is that demand is bigger that the company’s ability to service it, in large part because there isn’t enough talent on the market for the company to hire.