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THese guys look open source, maybe follow up with them.


From Shane O

Hmmm, that 0.1mm resolution may be the kicker. I'm not sure if that will (no pun intended) cut it. The more I think about it the more fine I think it might work, just not optimally. I had to make the figure below to understand what would happen.:


Basically the black grid is .1mm slices. If you tried to fit a .25mm trace (which is the smallest thing you would be cutting), the best possible case (green rectangle) is .2mm, the worse case (red) is .1mm. I know it won't work exactly like this but that's how I understand it. So you could probably get a working board, it's just not to spec with what you designed. You need to insure traces are thick enough to support the expected current -- no different than specifying wire gauge. So if resolution is an issue, increase the width my .2mm to insure the worse case is still what you designed for.

The best I could find for files were IGES on the project Github: Perhaps they can be converted?