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This is a simplified version of the OSE 3D Printer as documented in the 3D Printer Manual:

  1. Small 6" bed
  2. Bed is not heated. Don't need PEI, large power supply, or MOSFET
  3. One Z axis with cantilevered Z axis
  4. Retains the RepRap Discount Smart Controller for easy interface
  5. 3D printed linear bearings - since we are still using our strong motors, there should be no issue with using PLA printed linear bearings even if there is extra friction
  6. Smaller power supply, as there is no need to heat the bed
  7. Frame is 3D printed tube or PVC with 3D printed corners
  8. Need to design axis holders that clamp onto the PVC for mounting the Y and Z axes
  9. 3D printed control panel mount
  10. Needs to determine a workable, low cost extruder


Radically Simple

  • Once you start simplifying even more, it becomes an engineering challenge. But with a high performance printer like the D3D, you can print more of the required parts - including belts, pulleys, bearing, and more.


Recursion Version


Note that there are 2 options here - for higher fruction - it is printed bearings with EMT. Low friction would be 3D Printed Linear Bearing.

D3D Micro

  • Still a high performance version with PEI and heated bed.
  • Needs an extruder