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From Abundance Insider newsletter:

Tech Guys is my technical and marketing skunkworks team...

In 2012, I had a wild idea to co-author ABUNDANCE with Steven Kotler. We had the experience in technology, but we didn't know a thing about marketing. That's when I met Mike Cline, the CEO at Tech Guys Who Get Marketing, an exponentially minded organization that helped me build my first real newsletter list and get ABUNDANCE on the New York Times Bestseller List. When it was time to launch the Arkyd Kickstarter, I again turned to Tech Guys for their support. We raised $1.5M in just 35 days thanks in large part to their marketing strategy and deployment. Finally, in 2014, Steven and I released our second book: BOLD. Tech Guys stepped up to the plate and made it our best launch yet.

Tech Guys is a multidisciplinary team that can be your skunkworks. They love Moonshots and wild ideas. With skilled programmers in a myriad of languages, direct response marketers and designers, talented project managers and a desire to see you succeed, they're worth considering when you're ready to go skunk. Lean on the Tech Guys team when you're ready to go skunk.

Use Tech Guys for Your Skunkworks

If you'd like to use my skunkworks team to help your organization develop new capabilities and capitalize on new opportunities, email Casey Stanton ( (or click here). He's the CMO, who helped chief the strategy for the ARKYD Kickstarter and my BOLD book launch. He will make sure you're taken care of.