Slurry Fuels

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  • This is a category of fuels that use Slurrys
  • The main historical/industrial example is coal slurry/coal-water fuel
    • This has varying composition, and some have additives
  • Mainly it consists of a combustible powder in a liquid (for coal slurry it was water and possible additives)
  • Can supposedly be used in ICE's and Turbine Engines (Need to see if this impacts emmisions (more soot etc) or maitnence (abrasion etc)
    • Supposedly easier in modified liquid burners like waste oil burners etc, but this may be less efficient?
  • Also may require a sort of pilot flame/other burner to "get it going" due to the water making it less flammible
  • This also makes it quite stable when stored which could be useful for saftey etc
  • Main use case may be Entrained Flow Gasification , Liquid Fuel Burners and as a media for safe Pipeline Transport and/or storage (no risk of Dust Explosions unlike loose powder storage, or pnuematic pipeline transport of dust

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