Smallest Scale Autonomous Republic

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We're talking about a republicOS, an republic that is based on open source, collaborative development as its core operating principle, as carried out by integrated humans.

We predict that boundaries in an enlightened world will disappear, as people learn to become Integrated Humans and to get along with one another, such that life and death happen peacefully. The natural state of organization will thus become governed by bioregionalism, as nature recovers and humanity finds a collaborative place within nature.

Using Open Source Microfactories and Open Source Material Production Facilities - what are the practical limits of what can be produced easily on any parcel of land?

Lumber, concrete, and metal are relatively easy to produce. Not so easy for steel production from ore. See Steel Production. But quite possible for steel from scrap. Aluminum is easy to produce locally, as many places have clay. Semiconductor silicon is possible, wherever there is sand. The whitest quartz sand appears to be in florida [1]. Ceramics are possible everywhere there is clay. Diesel fuel is possible wherever there are plants. Oxygen and hydrogen is possible wherever there is water. Nitrogen is fixed by plants. Rubber (outside of rubber trees) can be bio-derived - there are from bio-derived thermoplastic elastomers, or dandelion root resin. Sand can be converted to silicon for PV panels and microchips.

Let's go deeper...


  • Induction furnace, metal rolling, rod and wire mill - these are included in the GVCS. So are welders, ironworker machines, plasma cutters, CNC multimachines, and 3D printers in metal - that can make things from steel.
  • Scrap metal feedstock is the requirement



What are possibilities of rubber? Dandelion Tires are possible - but these are not thermoplastic.


Hydrogen for the Solar Hydrogen Economy=


Air Bearings

Yes, DIY Air Bearings exist. This means clean room equipment for semiconductors is possible.