Smart Energy Grid

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The energy storage issue of renewables can be addressed by using efficiency and smart use on part of the humans, and smart automation to augement human use patterns. This can allow a 100% transition to renewables much more quickly than the 2050 prediction [1]. Some best practices are:

  1. Use base loads (washer/dryer, etc) during the day - nominally from 9 AM to 6 PM - which matches peak loads anyway. From 6 PM till night - the batteries top up as power transfer switch is flipped. A small battery bank of 4 lawn mower batteries suffices for this, allowing 3kW daytime power.
  2. Use electric heating during the day for night-time water storage. For example, water saving shower at 0.625 gpm gives 13 minutes of hot water. Recovery rate is 7 gal/hr. Since recovery is 80 degreees, we get 40 degrees every 1/2 hour. Or 100F if started at 60F. Thus, this heater produces lukewarm water every 1/2 hour for 13 minute showers - or if one takes a 5 minute shower - that is continuous hot water every 1/2 hour - or continuous lukewarm water every 15 minutes.
  3. Install extra PV capacity to increase early-day and late-day power output.