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Trademarked Version

  • The Socratic Dialogue (as practiced by Humberto Schwab) is a disciplined dialogue method that transforms a group into collective intelligence.
  • It's about reducing your presumptions, an application of General Semantics and Socrates combined. [1]
  • On education - We could define philosophy as the art of questioning. [2]
    • Knowledge is NOT a collection of facts. Theory is an essential part of it, but also, acts, values, thoughts, and feelings are crucial facets of the creation of knowledge. [3]
    • we only become acquainted with the information about Newtons laws if we have internalized it in the process of creation.
    • The most knowledge presented to pupils is after thorough abstraction completely detached from its context, and the context is essential in for the understanding of the whole.
    • a meaningful organization of learning is only possible if we take the human capacity to create knowledge as a starting point. All knowledge that exists can follow after that first moment...
  • And singularity - [4]

  • On Dialogue, by David Bohm.
    • When you want to become aware of your assumptions it often implies facing your strong fears.
    • Stop repeating thoughts, observe what is going on when we think that we “think.” Observe yourself, focus your attention on the presence. Do it with collective attention. Focus it on what is going on in society, and then you will find out.
  • Summary - their training costs $20k, so it's a little high side.

OSE Version

  • To analyze a problem, start with categories. What is it? What is the nature of it? Epistemology of Products - what is it really, vs what people think it is? Continue to evolve this knowledge with study of industry standards. What are the key working mechanisms? Which of the 500 modules or 50 machines are you