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HintLightbulb.png Hint:

  1. Document on the wiki - including links to other repositories such as GitLab
  2. Use Presentation Template for any additional diagrams, and embed this on the wiki page


Software can include a computer software application, software for a microcontroller (firmware), back-end or server software, control software such as a Sketch in the Arduino Environment, or many other types of sofware.

Typical files OSE uses are:

  1. Marlin - firmware (.zip folder) of Arduino files
  2. Printer profiles - as .ini files in Cura, which include start and end gcode
  3. STL files - CAM for 3D design. Also used for CNC Torch table cutting files with post-processing.
  4. gcode - actual gcode for printing
  5. DXFs - for 2D design
  6. .fcstd - FreeCAD files
  7. .scad - openscad files
  8. .kdenlive - Kdenlive video edit files